ARLIS @ Open Doors London

This past sunday I had the pleasure of exploring some of the interesting art, artists, architecture, and archives that exist in London’s downtown core.  Along with a lovely group of fellow student librarians, I encountered some hidden gems within the city. We also looked at a lot of books, but that’s to be expected.


We spent the first part of our day at Attic Books exploring rare books, book binding, and other interesting artifacts. This is where I found the typewriter of my dreams.


We also explored a vast collection of vintage pictures and postcards, among other things. While exploring the postcards I spotted this gem of a board game displayed on the top shelf of this picture. My hubby is an avid collector of all things Hardy Boys and he didn’t even know the board game existed. If you’re interested exploring Attic Books they have  an extensive online stock and ship to most places in the world. To check it out click here.


We also got a chance to check out the Arts project. This is a place I have been to many times to see plays and exhibits, but I had never seen their artist studio space. They had opened up this space for the weekend and many artists were present to talk about their work. It was interesting and informative. As a professional that strives to work in the Arts and Humanities subject field I think it is important to be in tune with the artists attitudes and process in order to have a proper perspective of the current state of creativity. The picture above of the studio walls which had a gorgeous exposed brick that I was absolutely obsessed with.


We also visited the Featherbone building, which used to be a corset factory. The building has recently been purchased and is being restored and transformed into a wine cellar and lounge. The floor plans looked outstanding and the building’s history is rich. Above is a picture of the elevator in the building, one of the oldest elevators in Canada.


Here is another picture of the Featherbone building, this time it is a shot of the space being converted into a wine cellar. the stone walls were absolutely stunning.

Anyway, those are my musings from an interesting and enjoyable weekend. Sometimes I really need those moments of cultural reflection to reacquaint myself with the reasons I choose to study art and literature. Here’s to a great week ahead!


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