Morning Tea and Quick Posts


The one and only word I can use to articulate my state of being.

As I begin to sift through the ethics, values, and professional frameworks that have been thrown at me throughout the past week I feel utterly exhausted. I can’t help but to think of I Love Lucy. You know the episode I’m talking about, the chocolate factory. The uncomfortable feeling of forging new routine has always been something I like to reflect on. The psychological stress of choice and uncertainty mixed with the pure adrenaline produced by new experiences is an interesting mental mixture.

Professionally I feel I am beginning to pinpoint my interests and explore them through research and clubs. My love and passion for English Literature also comes to my rescue at the strangest of times. I am still amazed at the versatility of my English education, the passion my professors and classmates fostered in me still keeps me motivated.

The hubby has also been a great source of support along with my amazing friends who check in on me and pull me through the hard times. I guess this week has left me feeling especially hopeful, which is always a welcome feeling.



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